:: My assemblage art reflects upon the  human experience: rites of passage; the definition of home, place and belonging; social issues; and the essence of change. I primarily create in wood and metal materials I’ve collected from estate sales and flea markets. Old tools whose function are obsolete are a favorite starting point. Often the components guide me as the piece evolves. Materials, rhythms, colors, and shapes make suggestions.

:: Originally possessing a degree in design from Kent State University, I have come back to making art as a means of expressing my journey through widowhood and resolving trauma from working in healthcare. My art often explores human experiences such as birth and death, sexual and domestic abuse, the loss of a child, and mental illness.

:: These mystical, talismanic assemblages interact with the ambient light to cast shifting shadows inside the boxes themselves as well as create shadowplay
on the wall on which they are hung.

:: My hope is that you will feel mystified, pulled in, and inexplicably intrigued as you, the viewer, free-associate with these collections of objects and attach your personal meanings or stories to them, based on your own personal unconscious. Allow their shrine-like, totemistic symbology to open conversations within yourself or with others.
:: Heights Arts  Members Show.  Heights Arts, Cleveland,  Ohio. June 17 – August 14, 2022.

:: Artists of Rubber City  Members Show.  Summit Artspace, Akron,  Ohio. June 28 – September 17, 2022.
:: 76th Ohio Annual Exhibition (online).  Zanesville Art Museum, Zanesville,  Ohio. June 23 – Sept. 9. 2022.
www. zanesvilleart.org
:: SIZE MATTERS. Juried Exhibition. Stella’s Art Gallery, Willoughby, Ohio. July 8 - August 7, 2022.
:: AKRON ARTS EXPO.  Juried Exhibition, Hardesty Park, Akron,  Ohio. July 23 – July 24, 2022.

:: The Aura of Assemblage. Standing Rock Cultural Center, Kent, Ohio. Jan 15 – Feb 12. 2022.

:: 2021 Waterloo Arts Juried Exhibition. Waterloo Arts Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio. September 2021.

:: BRICOLAGE Juried Exhibition. Stella’s Art Gallery, Willoughby, Ohio. December, 2021.
:: 18th Annual FRESH Juried Exhibition. Summit ArtSpace, Akron, Ohio. Jan. – March 2022.
:: 22nd Annual Environmental Art Show. Standing Rock Cultural Center, Kent, Ohio. April 16 – May 28. 2022.
:: FIVE. Troppus Projects, Kent, Ohio. June – June 24, 2022.
:: Creating During Change. Cleveland Print Room, Cleveland, Ohio. June 11 – July 9, 2022.
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