My current project began as a challenge to work in a smaller size, while
indulging in my fascination with vintage needlebooks. Most of those presented here are from post-war Japan and the manufacturers appropriated the cover designs from one another with slight changes. The needles are almost always pierced through a brightly colored foil with an embossed spiderweb pattern.
   The first set of three features a “World” theme, followed by the first set of the “Women Sewing Together” theme, of which there are many. This theme speaks to me the most: about domesticity and women’s traditional role in the home. From there, it’s a short association to feminism and domestic abuse. A great deal of my
artwork in general features thread as a symbol of storytelling and folklore,
which is passed along during these gatherings.
   The last set (not shown), also still in progress, has a “Space Travel” theme.
One clue I used to determine which art came first is by the number of needles in the package;
“shrinkflation” is nothing new!
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